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Water is a key to sustenance of human life and its evolution since the beginning of the Human Race. Hence, it becomes each one of our moral responsibility to join the cause of conserving water and raise the baton for cleaner and eco-friendly industrial practices that eliminates any harm caused to the environment because of industrial effluent discharges.

Our Journey

” Zion”, the first company of our group started operations in 1972 with trading activities in textile, chemicals and components. Ahmedabad; being the “Manchester of the East”, thrived in a huge market for such products. We acquired a good market share over the period of time.

Thereafter, in 1988 we entered into the cooling tower industry with Induced Draft Counter Flow FRP Cooling Towers with the formation of “Aakar Engineers” and “Aakar Marketing And Engineering Private Limited”.

Venturing into Effluent Treatment Systems

We were one of the first few and leading players in the market to cater to FRP Cooling Towers. Energy Efficiency has been one of the most important factors in the design of our cooling towers. Each cooling tower is carefully designed to ensure that the customer gets the desired heat rejection at the lowest possible energy consumption. This is based on our staunch belief that “Energy Consumption Matters” and we ensure reduced operation costs. Our customers are our testimonial to the claims. And hence, we claim that Designing of Cooling Towers is our Key Strength.

Over the period of time we have added products to cater to a larger customer base. We added FRP Natural Draft and Induced Draft Cross Flow Wooden Cooling Towers to our product portfolio. We strongly believe in “Value for Money” and so ensure that each and every component of our cooling tower is manufactured to the highest quality standards, to ensure long life. The timber used in the wooden cooling tower is treated with specialty chemicals to ensure its durability.

Energy and water are definitely an invaluable resource for the living. And so industries have now tamed themselves to improve their process water system efficiencies. This leads to the addition of Water Treatment Chemicals for Cooling Towers, Boilers and RO systems to our product portfolio. Implementation and maintaining key parameters are the most important aspects of our treatment program. We work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that they get the desired results. Our special range of organic chemicals, delivers excellent results without increasing TDS of water to ensure higher Cycles of Concentrations (COC’s).

Simultaneously, we also ventured into the field of manufacturing water treatment plants. We have a wide range of water treatment plants to suit customer requirements. Our principle, “Value for Money” has been the center of all our designs. We ensure that we use the best of the processes/components/equipments/materials in our manufacturing processes, to ensure highest quality standards. For critical processes, we have systems with remote monitoring and operations facilities to keep you updated of your processes regularly.

Taking the High Road

Our planet and its environment have been polluted for years with human activities and toxic effluent discharges. Water being the key to the very sustenance of our life and good health, it has now become a necessity for each and every one of us to safeguard this lifeline of ours. Industries today, have owned up to this responsibility and have taken several steps over the years to improve the quality of their discharges. Pollution Control Boards have established stricter effluent discharge norms from time to time. Keeping the above in mind, several industries have opted to go for effluent recycling. Our special system design ensures that with minimum capital investment and operation cost, customers are able to reuse/recycle 100% of its effluent water.

Our Team

Mr. Parag Vasa


The dynamically growing unit that Aakar Engineers, is today, is a creation of one person: Mr. Parag Vasa, who laid the foundation of this esteemed organization in 1992. Being a graduate in Statistics and a strong visionary himself, Mr. Parag Vasa, believed in addressing the need of the hour and taking socially responsible measures to save the planet. He, thus, set out to lead the march to encourage industrialists and small scale units to engage in environmentally responsible practices in effluent discharge in industries.

Mr. Raj Vasa

General Manager (Sales)

Mr. Raja Vasa, leads the marketing and sales unit of Akaar Engineers. This M.B.A from one of the elitist university in the state, Nirma University, is also a science graduate and understands the call for eliminating carbon footprints among industries. He, thus leads the charge of engaging with our loyal clients and roping in new ones to this drive towards making this planet greener and eliminating the industrial wastewater discharge.

Ms. Talat Kadri

General Manager (Administration)

Ms. Talat Kadri, who’s been with Akaar Engineers since the initial times, heads the administration team of the company. She’s a commerce graduate with a postgraduate degree in Law. Her professional framework for documentation, accounting and well researched analysis is what sets us on the track of being a stable and responsible organization that we are, today.

We are all about Customer Satisfaction

To cater to our customer requirements and to widen our scope of work, we integrated backward and forward to designing and manufacturing of effluent treatment plants and its mechanical equipments along with supply of various types of effluent treatment chemicals.

With our diverse range of products and services, backed by our technical knowledge and competence, we undertake turnkey projects for industries in the scope of Process Cooling Water Systems, Process Water Treatment Systems and Effluent Treatment Systems. We undertake Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for all of these systems to ensure smooth and trouble free efficient operations.

At Aakar Engineers, we strongly believe in “Value for Money” and so we always ensure that our customers get the most of it with a healthy business relationship. Understanding customer needs and designing suitable systems and solutions is the key to a long term satisfied customer base. Such a policy, we believe, gives customers the willingness to choose us as a preferred supplier.


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